White Spots After Braces – Why?

White spots that remain on the teeth after removing braces are a result of food and drink debris high in sugar and acid left on the teeth, especially at night. Many foods, like crackers that are high in carbohydrates are really ‘sugars’ to your teeth. When you add sugar to the bacteria already in your mouth (all of us have bacteria in our mouths, good and bad bacteria) it forms an acid. This acid, if not balanced, begins the process of breaking down the enamel on your teeth and can leave those white spots that nobody likes.

Being Banned & The Benefits of The Harp Flosser

WE GOT BANNED, TOO PERSONAL! Something happened in the last months that made our team a bit frustrated but even more focused – our game changing flossing videos showing exactly how the HARP Flosser works, flossing braces on a set of plastic teeth (typodont), was banned on one of the largest social media platforms. Meaning, we could not show anybody actually using the flosser, or how amazing it works showing the flosser, floss, on a typodont.

6 Tips To Ready Your Child Confident with New Braces

When your child gets braces, there’s an adjustment on all levels from family finances, additional Ortho appointments and making sure your child understands why getting braces is worth “all this”. Let’s face it, getting braces isn’t comfortable for any one, but we know, good things come from being uncomfortable for a time, until the great payoff.

Cover Your Mouth! Braces With Style

CHOICES: Just like choosing what shoes to wear with your outfit, your braces will soon become part of your personal “style” and daily appearance. Who knew you could have so many choices when it comes to those little rubber bands that tie the wire of your braces to the bracket. But yes, you do have choice so have fun creating that “fun” smile to match your style! What works best?

How To Find a Dentist for Your Child That Feels Like Family

While our society today doesn’t engage in arranged marriages, this is the time to ask your friends, colleagues or acquaintances if they have a dentist in the area they prefer and why they like them. Creating a dental relationship that lasts will serve both your child’s overall health because you’ll be building relationship and history, keeping them as comfortable as possible knowing the dental team knows your child personally AND personality as they grow year to year.