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  • No Threading. Chairside Time Saver for Hygienists.
  • Stimulates Gingival Tissue with Comfort.
  • 90◦ Flat Handle for Easy Posterior Reach.
  • 1mm Tip Easily Slides Under Archwire.
  • Clinically Proven to Reduce Gingival Hyperplasia.
  • Clinically Proven to Reduce Enamel Decalcification.
  • Kids Love It, Kids Use It. Happy Parents!
  • Patient Flossing Compliance Made Fast and Easy.
  • 25% Off Co-Branded Patient Coupon Offer for Harp Practice Partners.

We Guarantee Your Patients Are Happy!

Customer Reviews

What do people think about Harp Flossing?

9 out of 10 people ❤ it.

Dental Professionals, Parents, Kids!

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Julie Heinzel, RDH



I have 2 teenage boys in ortho and getting them to floss has always been a struggle. I am a dental hygienist, so they have no choice but to floss. Since purchasing these flossers they floss WITHOUT BEING ASKED!!!! These flossers are SO easy to use! They are seriously amazing! I’ll be recommending them to all my patients!!!

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Adam Daniels

Google Business Review

Dr’s and Staff, So Impressed!

“The Dr and our staff were so impressed with the Harp! We are giving it to each patient and highly recommending it! Thank You!”


Tammy B.


Dental Hygienist, everything they need.

I am a Dental Hygienist and I buy these to give to my Patients. I like the kit because it has everything they need in it.


Dorothy C.

From Facebook

Not Floss Material. Breeze!

I was so excited to find this product for my 8-year old, who just got braces on her 4 front teeth to start. She hates mint floss, so we really appreciate the unflavored “not floss” material. Flossing is a breeze and no longer a dreaded chore.


April Torino


Molars – works great!

I think it’s a great design. Maybe it’s better for those who have all their teeth close with braces. My daughter still has some teeth growing in. Overall, I think it’s good to have! I use it for her back molars and it works great.


Janelle B.

Emailed, Website Review

I’m a mom and hygienist, Harp is the best!

It works very well! Flossing takes far shorter than before. I’m very happy with it! (Hannah, 13yo braces wearer) I’m impressed! The Harp is easy to use & does a great job. I like that my kid uses it (daily!) without complaints. I’m a mom AND a dental hygienist and I’ve tried a lot of flossing tools over the years. The Harp it the best! I will be recommending it to my ortho patients at work now that I know how useful it is!


Dr. Prero, Beverly Hills, Ca


Very cool.

What a very-very cool invention!

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Michelle Crocker

Google Business Review

5 out of 5

Such a great tool!!

Dr. Wilkerson

“Good Product!”


Candy M., RDH

From Facebook

Great Job!

“Great job making a new product that could benefit the oral health of those with ortho and those without. Like the full size handle for reaching in the back.”

Every Dental Practice Backed By

The Harp Happy Guarantee

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT ‘FLOSS’! The Harp Flosser is made of fiber that’s stronger than regular floss. This flosser is so unique as it’s made with braided nylon, like your toothbrush, so you can confidently FLOSS, RINSE, REPEAT up to a week! With ‘Low Stretch’ properties, each of our flossers’ thread will stay perfectly taut between the Harp Head so you floss fast & easy all the way to the gums where it counts. That’s continuous gentle effective flossing, saving money over single use flossers. The Ultimate Tool for Braces and yes, Reusable!

What is The Harp Happy Promise? Any Consumer Pack You Pick is backed with this simple guarantee: If you don’t floss HAPPY, simply contact us any way you’d prefer, email, messenger, phone. Immediately, without question, we refund your purchase 100%! But please Keep The Flossers, your entire purchase as our gift. That’s Confidence and how we care for every customer.

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