1. Decide who you care about with braces.
  2. ADD TO CART the Single Flosser Offer for $1.00, Click CHECKOUT
  3. Enter Your Address for Billing of the Payment Card You’re Using
  4. Enter Friend’s Ship To Address by checking SHIP TO Box (or yourself!)
  5. PLACE ORDER. Be excited about the surprise – takes 4 to 7 days to arrive!

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NOTE: Each Harp lasts about a week and makes flossing not only hassle free, but FUN. Now is your chance to make “Braces-Life” super healthy and easy for someone. They’ll get a card with their Harp Flosser of How To Use and they will see it’s from YOU as a gift!

*The “Friend a Flosser” Offer is for a limited time only. This is Team Harp’s way of introducing The ONLY scientifically braided nylon, 90 degree harp-head, reusable designed flosser on the market to someone whose mouth you care about for just a buck.

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