PATIENT STARTER PACK 500 – 4 Flossers in 500 Packs – Total Flossers: 2,000


This Harp Ortho Flosser Patient Starter Pack contains 500 Individual Multicolored “4 Packs”. Each Zip Lock 4 Pack” contains four multicolored flossers to give to your ortho patient to use at home for fast & easy flossing. It’s great for Hygienists to use a Harp chairside for superior easy reach cleaning and then gift Three Harps to the patient post cleaning. This bundle contains 5 Boxes of Harp Flossers (100 in each box) which totals 500 individual multicolored “4 Packs”. Normal price $1,899.95 however, when purchased in this pack, it is $1,599.00.

*Please note, no coupons are eliglbe for this special-priced package.


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SKU: HP5002000
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500 Packages of Four Flossers in Each Zip Locked Package

1 Package of Four Flossers Lasts Patient About One Month

2,000 Flossers Total – 500 Four Packs – Multicolored

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 24 in
Wholesale Pricing Available

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