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Patient Care Sample Pack
96 Single Packs For Chair Side Use



This Pack contains 96 individually wrapped multicolored Harp Flossers. This is designed for the Dental Hygienist to use chair side, inspiring patients to floss with fun and sent home for continued use up to a week. Each Flosser is in a zip lock reusable bag and Includes reorder information for patient or to purchase from your own office if you choose Harp Flosser packages in-practice.

Dental Practice
Bulk Pack Pro 100



This Harp Ortho Flosser Bulk Pack contains 100 Individual Multicolored “Four Packs”. Each Zip Lock Four Pack contains Four multicolored Flossers for your Ortho Patient that will last your patient approximately One Month and includes reorder information or you may provide your own in-practice offer.

Dental Practice
Bulk Pack Pro 500



This Harp Ortho Flosser Bulk Pack contains 500 Individual Multicolored “4 Packs”. Each Zip Lock 4 Pack” contains four multicolored flossers for your ortho patient. This bundle contains 5 Boxes of Harp Flossers (100 in each box) which totals 500 individual multicolored “4 Packs”. This package is valued at $1,899.95 however, when purchased in this bundle, it is $1,499.00.


Hygiene Chair Side Pack
Auto Delivery Every Month

$24.99 / month


The easy way to keep a steady stock of Harp Flossers for your patient is letting us ship according to your needs with a scheduled delivery – you don’t have room for stocking product or remembering to order.  Auto ship makes it easy, cancel anytime. This Pack contains 24 individually wrapped multicolored Harp Flossers and is shipped once every 30 days. This is designed for the Dental Hygienist to use chair side, inspiring patients to floss fun, fast & easy, and sent home for continued use up to a week. Each Flosser is in a zip lock reusable bag, assorted colors. 100% Happiness Guaranteed with Free Shipping.

Patient Care Sample Pack
Auto Delivery Every 2 Months

$89.99 every 2 months


Let us manage and keep your shelves clean and your patients flossing fast & easy with Auto Delivery of The Harp Flosser Patient Care Sample Packs – 4 Boxes of 96 Flossers, Auto shipped every 60 days, cancel anytime.  This Pack contains 96 individually wrapped multicolored Harp Flossers. This is designed for the Dental Hygienist to use chair side, inspiring patients to floss fast, easy and happy! Send them home with a Harp for continued use up to a week. Each Flosser is in a zip lock reusable bag, assorted colors. 100% Happiness Guaranteed with Free Shipping.

Dental Practice Bulk Pack Pro 100
Auto Delivery Every 3 Months

$379.99 every 3 months


The Ultimate Way to keep your ortho patients flossing fast & easy without running out of stock – Auto Delivery of “the quad packs”. This Harp Ortho Flosser Bulk Pack contains 100 Individual Multicolored “Four Packs”. Each Zip Lock Four Pack contains Four multicolored Flossers for your Ortho Patient that will last them approximately One Month of flossing effectively with healthy returning checkups. Clinically Proven! Keep your shelves clean and don’t worry about stocking The Harp – we’ll manage that for you. 100% Happiness guaranteed, cancel anytime, ships free.

Why Choose The Harp Flosser


It’s NOT FLOSS! Use The Flosser with Braided Nylon!

PLEASE NOTE: The Harp Flosser was invented to be like nothing you’ve seen before as The Ultimate Tool for Braces! Each Harp Flosser is made of fiber that’s stronger than regular floss. This flosser is so unique as it’s made with braided nylon, like your toothbrush, so you can confidently FLOSS, RINSE, REPEAT up to a week! With ‘Low Stretch’ properties, each of our flossers’ thread will stay perfectly taught between the Harp Head so you floss fast and easy – continuous gentle effective flossing, saving money over single use flossers. The Ultimate Tool for Braces and YES, Reusable!

IT'S NOT FLOSS! The Harp is Unique! It's The Braided Nylon Ortho Flosser!


Gentle to Arch Wire. Tough on Stuck Food. Plaque stands NO CHANCE of hanging on!


90° Harp Head, Comfort Curved Tip Guides Hand. Most Completely Floss in About 1 Minute.


Massages the Gingival Tissue
Feels GOOD to FLOSS!


Reusable - Like Toothbrush!
Reaches Molars Fast & Easy
Clinically Proven!


IT SIMPLY WORKS! That Durable Difference! The HARP - 100% Guaranteed!


Who We Are

“I’d rather see kids with crooked HEALTHY teeth rather than suffer painful, unhealthy sore gums from not flossing their braces. It breaks my heart to see most kids just don’t floss, or floss well, so I committed myself to change that.”

Dr. Larry Caldwell, DDS – Board Certified Pediatric Dentist
Creator & Founder of The Harp Flosser

The Harp Team is a group of dental professionals in Houston (Sugar Land) Texas lead by Dr. Caldwell. Their unstoppable core values are finding new ways to grow pediatric dental health around the world using innovative fun “stuff” that kids will actually use to take care of their teeth for a healthy adulthood.

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Special Needs Special Flosser

Use these for my special needs son. We love them cuz there’s nothing like a Harp to make ‘teeth’ care so much easier for him. Thanks.

Shannon from Facebook

Cool Idea! Easy for Patients

Such a cool idea and easy for our patients to use. Thank You!

Dr. Dovi Prero From Facebook

Good Experience

I really like these flossers. I have had a good experience.

Veronica Ernest From Facebook

Your Flossers are Great

Anything that can get my three teenage boys to floss their braces are golden with me!! I even brought a pack into our orthodontist to show them and told them they ought to sell them in their office!! I really hope they do. They are life changers!

Jenna Briola From Facebook

These little things are AMAZING!!!

I learned about the Harp flossers shortly after my second child got braces put on. I knew we had to try them. OMG! The difference is unbelievable. She flosses All. The. Time! I don’t have to remind, beg, plead, threaten, nag, yell, or anything! .They are so easy to use. So convenient. So much less time consuming. It seriously takes my 12 year old maybe 2-3 minutes to floss all of her teeth.

Laraina Lenihan Wempe From Facebook

Super Strong

We cannot say enough about how great this product is for helping my 9 year old take care of his braces. They are super easy to use and the material is super strong.

Bark Shauna From Facebook

So Much Easier

They make flossing between brackets so much easier.

Amy Marsh Walden From Facebook

Easy to Use and Great Quality

Works great for cleaning between teeth. Easy to use and great quality!

Karen Topf From Facebook

LOVE your flossers

LOVE your flossers. I only have braces for 3 more days but they’ve worked great. The long handle is the best!”


Kimberly Robinette From Facebook


These were amazing to use while I had my braces. I recommend them to many others.

Tennille Torstenson From Facebook

love this product

I have been a hygienist for over 40 years. My ortho patients almost never floss. I think this product could be the answer. I tried them. It takes a lot to excite me but I love this product.

Linda Cooper From Facebook

Floss Anytime

At first I didn’t know how to use it cuz it’s weird looking. But it’s easy to use. I put it in my backpack and just floss anytime I want to get stuff out. My mom got them for me.


love Harp

I watch TV and floss, my last ortho checkup was good. He started using The Harp to give his patients because of me!


Naturally EASY

Using the Harp frequently, has made it just naturally EASY to floss. It lasts me from 4-7 days. Its the perfect product, I don’t think there is anything better. I Love The Harp! Valarie


My gums haven’t been swollen since

I like how the handle fits in my hand..and my gums haven’t been swollen since using The Harp!


Faster, Easier

Normal floss takes a lot longer and my mouth doesn’t feel clean, with The Harp its much faster,easier and my mouth feels a lot cleaner.


Work Great

These work great. I’ve been using them for 5 weeks now. So nice to have a quick flosser to use at work and on the go! They don’t snag and even fit between the tight teeth.

Becky From Facebook

Super fast Shipping

Received them in the mail today super fast shipping. Tried them on a whim nothing fits under my braces except threading the floss and that takes a solid half hour. The harp fit perfectly in between my arcwire and teeth. Flossed all my teeth in less than a minute. Love this product already !!

Jamie From Facebook

Endless Time Offer


The HAPPY HARP Guarantee!
Our Team is Happy when you’re Happy.
We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction
With Your Purchase.
If You have Any Questions or Concerns

We’ll Make It Right.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Harp Flosser different?

The HARP FLOSSER is ergonomically designed to be able to reach all teeth (both front and back), all the while reaching under braces with ease. Although it is designed as a disposable item, the HARP Flosser can be used multiple times by the same individual and is sold in packs of four vibrant colors. Using the HARP Flosser is significantly easier than traditional “threading” methods used to bypass braces. The Harp flosser is not only new, but a true breakthrough device that will allow and encourage patients of all ages to floss.

Who should use the Harp Flosser?

Anyone with braces who loves a clean mouth, fresh breath, no stuck food in their brackets and enjoys overall good health! And, those who LOVE to smile. The products are packaged for both “consumer” and “professionals”. (The Dental Professional line is for Dental Practices who want to purchase in bulk. Various offers are available such as chairside use or to make The Harp Flosser available in-house with purchase and who get excited seeing their patients actually floss their braces, and come back for great check-ups, feeling good about themselves.

What is the Harp Flosser made of?

The Harp dental floss is made of braided nylon, not traditional floss!, which is manufactured with scientifically taught or ‘just the right tension’ to be gentle on brackets and wires but tough on stuck food. It has less stretch and is more abrasion resistant than normal nylon. The fiber or braided nylon that makes up the Harp Flosser’s floss is nothing like traditional floss as it’s stronger. This is why you are also able to Floss, Rinse and Repeat like you would a toothbrush – one Harp lasts about one week.

Will the Harp Flosser stretch or break?

Any floss will break especially through tight contacts, but The Harp Fiber or it’s floss is actually braided nylon and is stronger than traditional floss. Eventually the floss will break with repeated use. However, your Harp Flosser should last solid strong with normal flossing for about a week. If it doesn’t let us know and we’ll make it right!

Can the Harp Flosser be used more than once?

Yes, The Harp Flosser should be cleaned with water just by simply rinsing it, but the floss is unique, it’s braided nylon, similar to the material that makes up your toothbrush. You don’t have to change your toothbrush after every use, so hang on to your Harp for average use which is about a week or 10 days.

When and how often should I floss with the Harp Flosser?

For optimum results, you should floss BEFORE you brush. Floss at least once a day, but the ideal amount would be each time you brush and especially after meals. If your gums are inflamed, a morning flossing should be added. If you’re “out and about” doing life and enjoy things like OREO cookies now and then, you should also use the Harp! This is why we created the perfect “GO-TAINER” Harp Flosser container for keeping your flosser with you in your backpack, purse, gym bag, office, car or anyplace you eat crunchy stuff.

What about refunds, returns or replacements

We guarantee the products we sell. If you are not 100% satisfied, contact us within 30 days.

JLC Dental Products, LLC will accept for return any unopened product in new condition, and unaltered packaging or damage from the customer. A full refund will be issued within 30 days of the date of purchase. The refund will be credited back to the customer’s credit card that was used for the purchase. The shipping cost to return will be the responsibility of the purchaser. You may check on the status of your refund by emailing

Need help? Call our support team at 800-495-2783


If you’ve got questions, we’ll get the answer.

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