4 Post Pandemic Brownie Recipes to Celebrate Summer and Health

Published on Jun 08, 2020


We sure had some fun asking the Harp Flosser Social Community all about brownies. We also had no idea how serious you were about them, and totally justified! In fact, one of the Facebook posts was the most commented on in two years, and we have a very bright talkative bunch. Thank yoU! But, back to brownies! They sure help make life better, especially as we quarantined.

We even had, what turned into a big debate on which brownie cut is best for taste, center or edge. The tally was 50/50. We also gave away months of Harp Flosser packs for folks who gave us some of their best recipes. Since there were requests for the best brownie recipes, why not share them to match every taste-bud-view we collected and blog them here. Done. Get your spatulas ready.

4 Post Pandemic Brownie Recipes to Celebrate Summer and Health

The following are direct links to the winners of the best brownie recipes in our humble brownie opinion.

Disclaimer: Why can we eat so many different types of fudgy brownies and not care about walking around with black teeth under our braces? We pack the ultimate orthodontic tool on the planet to floss fast and easy on The-Summertime-Go with that cool Water Proof Go-Tainer.



NOTE TO FLOSSERS: *we are continuing the taste testing all summer after a much- needed post pandemic celebration, 2020. We tried so many new recipes at home as we cared for each other. Seems like the right thing to do.




THE BETTY BROWNIE – from Betty Crocker

NOTE TO FLOSSERS: *The Ultimate Brownie Covered by The Ultimate Tool for Braces. Coincidence?

THE GREAT GLUTEN FREE BROWNIE – All Ya’ll gotta try this – from The Texanerian

NOTE TO FLOSSERS: *Just because the Harp Flosser was invented in Texas has nothing to do with this winner, kinda.

Our entire Harp Flosser Family, from team fulfillment, Harp Happy customer service, to the inventor himself, we thank each and every person who served  and is serving our communities, hospitals, deliveries, transportation, public transportation, animal rescuers, vets, grocery store stockers, clerks, health care workers, law enforcement, essential workers, first responders, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, kids, neighbors, friend, and every person who fought hard to keep calm, healthy and steady through all of this. We have so much more to do to comfort each other, and yet to accomplish.  You have been nothing but supportive and sweet to each other within our social community. Thank you for keeping each other uplifted through some dark days. Thank you for who you are. We also know we are in no way fully into Post Caronavirus Pandemic mode but you have taught us to keep our eyes on what is good, what good things are ahead, and for the simple things in which to celebrate.

Have a Question for Dr. Larry Caldwell, Creator of The Harp Flosser and Fast & Easy Orthodontic Flossing? Simply call us at 800-495-2783 or info@harpflosser.com. Dr. Caldwell is a board-certified pediatric dentist and loves helping kids and families stay healthy. If you have questions, we’re always here for you.

Link list from above in order listed:





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