COVID-19 Dental Emergencies – How to Get Help

Published on Mar 26, 2020


During these uncertain times, there’s also a ton of unanswered questions of “What About This” as our lives are completely different than even a month ago. Let’s get straight to the mouth matters and speak to your child’s health and what to do in case there’s an emergency of the tooth…or not.

Dental Practices are deemed essential businesses but state to state, well that’s also a different story. Many dental providers are operating under the most recent guidelines set by their State and the ADA on an emergency basis.

Most likely, if your child already has a pediatric dentist, orthodontist or specialist, they will be open to serve you in case of an emergency during the New Way of Life due to this coronavirus. Do not hesitate even for a minute to call the office directly! Even if there is a closure, there will probably be a directive or number to another Practice that is serving the community for emergency services.

COVID-19 Dental Emergencies – How to Get Help

So, what is considered an emergency? 

A dental emergency is a situation that involves any tooth or mouth pain, swelling,
bleeding, a loose tooth, or injury occurrence.  In many practices this includes patients of record as well as any NEW patient! Don’t think if you’re not a current patient you will not be served.

Most Dental Practice goals will be to minimize patients being taken to urgent care facilities for dental emergencies at this critical time. In most cases, dental emergencies cannot be treated by an urgent care provider anyway, only to place the patient on antibiotics or sutures if necessary or providing immediate temporary comfort.

Routine dental cleanings and operative treatment such as small fillings, crowns that do not involve the nerve are not considered an emergency.

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