Fun Ways to Help Special Needs Kids Brush & Floss: Book, Songs and Harp Flosser Show

Published on Feb 04, 2021


Our team has the privilege of spending time with these great kids as all of us here at The Harp Headquarters are dental professionals too, working with a pediatric dentist who specializes in just this type of care.

Don’t Give Up: If your child has sensory issues, most likely, you are directly helping them brush. Add flossing, the foundation behind healthy gums, mouth care can be overwhelming with or without braces, especially trying to get into the gum-line and reach those molars where bacteria easily grows from stuck food.

Top Tips from a Harp Flosser Mom with Special Needs Child: We are grateful for a Harp Flosser customer who shared this “great booklet for all parents with special needs kids – I love your Harp that has made all the difference but check this book out I found!”. This community is so rich with care for others and sharing what really works. Love that! Thank you as we are passing this on to you after reading it with agreement, ‘great book’ and said we would blog about it.

Fun Ways to Help Special Needs Kids Brush & Floss: Book, Songs and Harp Flosser Show

The Book, The Song, The Tips: This booklet from South Carolina Department of Health called, ‘Oral Health for Families with Special Needs” covers so many topics. We also tried the brushing song, sung to “Row Row Row Your Boat” and it’s a winner. While this was written in 2007, it remains 100% right-on-relevant as we continue to find new ways to care for our kids.

We have come a long way in developing a tool for special needs kids to use themselves or with the help of mom or dad to keep their gums and teeth healthy. In fact, The Harp Flosser was invented not just for kids with braces in orthodontics, but also for kids with special needs with OR without braces from a pediatric dentist specialist, Dr. Larry Caldwell.

How and Why Does The Harp Flosser Work with Special Needs Children?

The Harp Has:

  • Vibrant Cool Colors
  • A Weird Shape and is Fun to Use
  • Long Flat Handles for Easy Grip
  • Super Easy ‘Reach Way Back There’ Design for Parental Use with Child
  • No Floss! Traditional Floss Breaks, The Harp is a Tool, Lasts a Week.
  • Braided Nylon to Gently Get Stuck Food Out
  • A Feel-Good Experience for Sensory Issues
  • Harp Shaped Head to Help Parents Floss Child’s Teeth Without Putting Hands in Mouth, Sensory.
  • The Best Flossing Method with Less Time Flossing Means Less Stress.
  • A Relaxing Feeling to The Gumline and Less Anxiety for Parent with Child Use.

What’s The Easiest Way to Use The Harp? The easiest way to floss your child’s teeth, is to lay them down with their head in your lap. You may need someone to hold and support your child’s head.  Start slowly, by introducing the flosser on the front teeth. As your child becomes more tolerant, move to the back. Normally, we would recommend that you to begin in the back and move forward around the entire arch from the farthest back tooth to the opposite side. But with children who have sensory issues, it is better to start in an area of least resistance from your child such as the front teeth. Like flossing your own teeth, slide the floss between the teeth until it reaches the gum line. Slowing wiggle the flosser back and forth and side to side to loosen food debris and plaque. Always floss before you brush as this allows removal of the flossed debris with the toothbrush, completing the task.

The Harp Flosser Show, Now Playing at Your House: One of our favorite things shared to speed up the Acceptance of Flossing was to create some Harp Fun and Story Line. One of our parents took two Harp Flossers, one blue and one green and decided to name them. They asked their special needs child what to call each Harp. Henry Harp and Holly Harp. And then this happened:

“Hi Blue Harp! Why are you so blue?”, said the Green Harp Named Henry.

“HI! I am blue because blue is my favorite color and it makes me very happy that I am about to go and explore! I am about to go on a tooth-adventure! It’s my favorite thing to do.  I love cleaning up every tooth to help keep my friends’ teeth healthy and strong. I like to make every tooth sparkle! My name is entire name Holly Harp Blue, what is yours?”, said Holly Harp.

“My name is Henry Harp and I’m green because green is MY favorite color and I love teeth adventures too! I always start at the very first front tooth, ‘like this’ and I then I am brave when I keep going way back to the big big big BIG teeth where I can’t see as much but I just floss slower and gently and am very careful and guess what! I always find something like sticky-suck food but I always get it out with care because I’m good at what I do!” My entire name is Henry Harp Green! Nice to meet you, I like making friends.” Said Henry Harp. (the parent begins flossing on ‘the very first front tooth’)

The story lines always change but we are so excited how many special needs parents are finding complete care, support and help with The Harp flosser. We also care for our kids and parents who purchase any Harp Flosser Pack with “it works or it’s free”. If for any reason the pack you pick does not work for you or your child, we refund your purchase, 100% backed with the Harp Happy Promise. We care more for your success and finding oral care solutions that work over anything else. Keep the flossers as a gift.

NOTE: Share your own story for other Special Needs Parents on our Facebook Page and we will send you a gift. We will messenger you. Absolutely does NOT need to be about The Harp but any way you have found success helping your child care for their teeth. We applaud you and there’s not just one tool for works for everyone.

The parents we have met with special needs kids are the real Super Heroes. You never give up and so glad when you find something that works! This just blew us away the other day receiving this from a Harp Flosser customer who reached out to us.

“If this is a faster way then I want to figure it out. If you have someone or something that could help me figure it out I want that – I’m not a quitter and I’m not letting this get the better of me. My daughter has special needs. She brushes great but needs me to do the flossing. In one week she passed out 4 times, FOUR, while we were standard flossing her braces. She’s a mouth breather and she forgets to breathe because it takes so long. If your harp product can prevent ANY of that and make the time shorter while still doing the job I NEED you. She needs you.” – Mom of a Special Needs Child who reached out to Team Harp with direct help from Dr. Caldwell. “It Works! THANK YOU!”

If you have suggestions, please share them with us! If you have concerns, please share them with us! If you have any way we can better serve you, let us! Reach out to us anytime at 800-495-2783 or your favorite social messenger or email. We look forward to helping you care for your family with and without braces.

Have a Question for Dr. Larry Caldwell, Creator of The Harp Flosser and Fast & Easy Flossing? Simply call us at 800-495-2783 or Dr. Caldwell is a board-certified pediatric dentist and loves helping kids and families stay healthy. So if you have questions, we’re here!

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