True Stories of Things That Got Stuck in My Braces

Published on Jul 01, 2021


When you’re about to get your braces, different questions come up. Will this hurt? How long will I have to wear them? Can I still eat gummy bears? Today, we go deeper as there was a question, ‘How do I get carpet out of my braces?” Here’s some funny sticky stories of things that have gotten stuck in braces. Warning, if you are not a cat or dog lover, one may gross you out but it stems from love! Hey, we always promise to bring you Real Braces Life Stories to Support you because we are serious about your flossing success.

“My Cheek was stuck in my braces when I woke up!” Can you imagine? Yes, sometimes the soft tissue inside the cheek may catch a certain part of the braces wire or hook on the side of your mouth. If the area is sore, apply a little orthodontic wax on the braces so the tissue can heal and be less bothersome and to soothe.

True Stories of Things That Got Stuck in My Braces

“I got a Carpet fiber stuck in my braces when I was on the floor playing with my baby.” Precious moments can lead to some funny memories. In this case, the mama shared she did “break free” but only after it took a minute or FOUR to gently wiggle it free and was glad nobody else was home. She said she didn’t even repair the area with the longer fray fiber as it was a reminder to laugh at every possible chance as a mother of three, loving her babies. They grow up fast! Adult Braces Adventures!

“Got a Towel stuck to my braces when getting out of the shower, drying off, minding my own business.” Anytime you are washing your face or using a towel, be sure to keep the mouth closed. You probably have some really great bathroom towels! Some of the best, softest towels are the worst for getting stuck.

Toothbrush Bristles are another very common thing that can get stuck in your braces. Probably the most common. Be sure to use an Orthodontic Toothbrush that is specifically designed with a groove to be used for just for braces.

“I love my Cat! I kissed my Cat! That’s when her cute cat hair got stuck in my braces!” Cat owners will only understand, lol.  Fur Baby parents, which is pretty much everyone at Team Harp Flosser, (Team Rescue!). if you cannot miss a quick kiss on the head, cleanse with a pet wipe. Keep in mind, bacteria and parasites can be passed to humans this way especially coming in from outside.

“I tried to get my Glove off that was stuck on my hand. Yes, I used my teeth. There it was – hanging on my braces like a BFF!”  OK, hard not to laugh at that one. Fibers are tough to remove if they get lodged. There have been stories of a dental visit to remove the fiber from the braces. Life! The struggle is real but the flossing should be fast and easy.

“My sister got a Balloon stuck in her braces while blowing it up.” It’s all fun and games until the balloon get stuck in the braces.  Party hard! However, good news latex or balloon material should be fairly simple to floss out by brushing, flossing with The Harp or using a Water Pik.

Kind of like the towel scenario, “My sweater got caught in my braces while I was putting it on.”

“My boyfriend’s braces”. We will leave that one to the imagination. But, happens regularly, especially as adults with braces – which is a trending new self-care choice these days for grown-ups who were never able to get braces as a child. Maybe the latest Netflix stream: “Caught On Braces!” (or orthodontic rubber bands.) There are many articles on kissing with braces. 🙂 Don’t google yet! Lol.

Floss! Traditional floss can get stuck especially when using a floss threader where you have a long piece of floss to thread under the arch wire or using a single-use, flat ortho flosser like the Platypus or Plackers which is made with regular floss. Try using a specially designed Orthodontic Flosser like
The Harp Flosser.  The Harp is not floss! Patented braided nylon with the famous Harp angle resists bacteria, reaches ‘way back there’, removes hard stuck “stuff”, massages the gumline where it counts, and no mirror needed…unless there’s a cat hair in there? Thanks for laughing with us and most of all, flossing with whatever tool or way that keeps you flossing every day. We thank our Harp Flosser Community for sharing these with us! You are an incredible inspiration to us to keep our focus on healthy mouths across the country.

Have a Question for Dr. Larry Caldwell, Creator of The Harp Flosser and The Ultimate Tool for Braces? Simply call us at 800-495-2783 or Dr. Caldwell is a board-certified pediatric dentist specializing in kids with special needs and loves helping families stay healthy, generation to generation. If you have questions, we are always here for you.

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