6 Tips To Ready Your Child Confident with New Braces

Published on Feb 04, 2019


Top Tips to Help Your Child Get Ready for Braces:

LOVE AND MONEY: Share with your child about the benefits of why getting braces is a good thing, (GREAT THING!) but there will be moments of being uncomfortable. Let them know this expenditure is so worth it to you as their parent because you want the best for them and always will. It’s also a great time to share an overall cost with your child, even though you think as a parent, they will not understand what (on average) $6,000 looks like. They will understand it’s BIG and they’re worth EVERYTHING and there is sacrifice involved. It’s also a great reminder to them that taking care of their braces is very important. Use this time in their life as a great opportunity to teach the value of money, the investment in health over ‘stuff’, and how you’ll be there for them through it all.

QUIELTY PUT IT ON THE SINK! Prepare a salt water rinse and put it out on the sink for them during the first week(s), showing you’re right there with them. This shows you are thinking of them without even having to mention or talk about braces, AGAIN!

6 Tips To Ready Your Child Confident with New Braces

EAT-THIS-NOT-THAT DIFFICULTIES: Mealtime may be a little challenging in the beginning because there’s foods to avoid. Having these foods eliminated from the house will help tremendously. But, also stock up on the foods they CAN eat, not what they canNOT. The best person, people, to share with your child about the foods they should always avoid is your Orthodontic Team. In fact, it’s great to request from The Practice, they remind your child from The Professional, the importance of why they will and should not be eating certain foods during their braces life. This brings the professional into play without an emotional attachment of another parent to child NO-NO. You’ve got enough of those. Having soft foods and snacks readily available will help them make wise choices.

SET THEM UP FOR SUCCESS: Stock your Ortho’s suggested analgesics in the bathroom cabinet and dental wax for occasional times when a wire may break or poke into the cheek. If they understand the cause and effect of not taking care of their teeth, they may be more inclined to brush and floss on a regular basis. Be patient with your child as they experiences new changes in terms of discomfort, difficulty eating and dealing with oral hygiene issues. If you see them struggle, ask how you can help in any way with helpful tools such as orthodontic toothbrushes, including a proxy spiral brush available for brushing, or wax. Encourage fast and easy flossing with the Harp Flosser since threading takes so long. Mention how great their teeth look when you notice they have brushed and flossed.

KID TO KID: Prepare your child for those kids who may tend to bully them with snide remark about new braces and how to respond. Perhaps they may never face such things, but discussion is always good. You know your child best! If they learn to laugh it off, walk away or play along with the bully by not letting it bother them, they will most likely stop the bullying. Remind them, a bully wants to get a reaction from them. Encourage them to ignore and walk away. Always remind your child that ANY bullying is wrong and they should share any experience with you. You will know whether this is a time for further discussion with parent-teacher, or not.

BEFORE AND AFTER REWARDS: We suggest taking a photo of your child’s teeth before treatment to compare and document treatment. It will give your child a great track record of progress and success! Example: Take note of the level of the gums in a photo and encourage the level to stay the same as they were prior to treatment. Lack of good oral hygiene will cause the gums to swell and of course they never want such pain or white spots that may never go away. Show them the benefits of taking great care of their teeth now and always. Reach out to your Orthodontist for specific situations that come up with treatment without ever doubting, ‘should I call them?’. Yes! Remind your child that the outcome will be a beautiful smile!

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