Being Banned & The Benefits of The Harp Flosser

Published on Mar 20, 2019


WE GOT BANNED, TOO PERSONAL! Something happened in the last months that made our team a bit frustrated but even more focused – our game changing flossing videos showing exactly how the HARP Flosser works, flossing braces on a set of plastic teeth (typodont), was banned on one of the largest social media platforms. Meaning, we could not show anybody actually using the flosser, or how amazing it works showing the flosser, floss, on a typodont. Facebook said, since we have to show teeth up close, it may offend some people as flossing is personal in nature and teeth are a body part. This really limited our capacity to show the incredible benefits in only 5 seconds using video. People, as busy as we are, just want to see a video, try it and move on! Questions come in daily of why we just didn’t show #HOWITWORKS on our social media videos. So, at the risk of offending old school ways of flossing braces such as threading, we offer here, why The HARP is the best. The HARP is changing the entire orthodontic industry both at home and at dental practices! But now, the benefits with our Happy Harp Guarantee:

Being Banned & The Benefits of The Harp Flosser

GOT AN IDEA? If you have an idea for us on how we can express the benefits of The HARP on video for Social Media, please email us at If we use any aspect of it, we’ll send you The Care Box & Concierge Service – a Year of Flossing Fast & Easy.


BRACES LIFE Made Easy. The biggest benefit of The Harp Flosser is the increase in patient compliance with flossing while wearing braces – bottom line, kids (and adults) are flossing every day because they now have something to use that’s fast, effective and easy. We hear this all the time, “Where was THIS when I HAD BRACES, COOL!”

FAST & EFFECTIVE for Home Use to Hygienists: Using the HARP Flosser is so much easier than traditional “threading” methods used to bypass braces. The Harp Flosser is a true breakthrough device that allows and encourages not only patients to floss for a healthy mouth, but equips hygienists with an ultimate tool to save time flossing patients, chairside. The HARP cuts hygienist flossing time, 70%!

THE ONLY FLOSSER ON EARTH! #ITSNOTFLOSS! The Harp Orthodontic Flosser is the only flosser available today that’s made with braided nylon. This unique fiber is 15 times stronger than traditional floss. The fiber is made with scientifically “zero stretch” properties – that means, it’s perfectly yet gentle taught tension and precision allows the floss to slide easily between the teeth. The Harp is gentle on brackets and wires, but super tough on stuck food. The patented 90 ° harp like head reaches everywhere easily with the ergonomic non-slip long handle. Don’t be fooled by other ortho flossers that may seem cheaper because of their single use pricing. Most importantly, this special braided nylon fiber has a proactive special coating that inhibits bacterial growth, allowing multiple uses like your toothbrush that you’d never toss after one use. So, yes! It’s reusable floss! Floss, Rinse, Repeat and make braces life easy. Better for the planet too. A single tool will last up to a week depending on the ‘tightness’ of the teeth so you also save money and time!

FEEL GOOD: Flossing should also feel good! The Harp gently massages the gums, fighting off gingival hyperplasia, and greatly reduces enamel decalcification, (the white spots left on teeth, which are permanent, if there’s lack of flossing with braces.) So many unnecessary health problems – now solved.

PATENTED, FDA APPROVED, CLINICALLY PROVEN, EARTH FRIENDLY: The handle has a Patented 90 degree handle and is 100% completely recyclable, although remember, it’s reusable up to a week! And, best yet, you’re not tossing single use traditional flossers in the garbage every single day. The HARP is also Clinically Proven and FDA Approved.

BUT WAIT! There’s More! Risk Free & Happy: Because we know The HARP simply works, and all of the things we’ve done to create The Ultimate Tool & Experience for Flossing Braces, every single consumer package is guaranteed. This means that if a consumer purchase any at-home package and they do not experience the incredible benefits, we simply refund their money, but we ask them to keep the flossers.

Have a Question for Dr. Larry Caldwell, Inventor of The Harp Flosser and Fast & Easy Flossing? Simply Reply to this email or call us!  800-495-2783 or

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