Creative Ways to Pay for Braces

Published on May 20, 2019


We’ll just get down to it since you don’t have much time.

  1. ACCOUNTING : Financing using in house finance programs with the Orthodontist. Many Orthodontists will offer a finance plan with Zero Percent Interest. Others accept Care Credit, a credit card program for Medical and Dental treatments. Apply for a Visa or MC Zero Percent Credit Card. Paying zero interest is great but it’s easy to miss a payment on accident because well, LIFE! So, be careful to read the fine print because accidentally missing a payment can cause some rather large fees.
Creative Ways to Pay for Braces
  1. BACK TO SCHOOL : Dental School, Orthodontic Residency Program. If you’re in a major metropolitan area that has a dental school, chances are they have an Orthodontic Residency Program. If you happen to be a student at that University, even better! They are always looking for patients to work with and the cost is normally on a sliding scale or reduced fee. Rest assured, the Dentists are fully degreed DDS or DMD’s  and are now learning the specialty of Orthodontics under the supervision of other  Orthodontists with many years of experience. The AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) has a list of accredited Orthodontic Residency Programs in each U.S. state.
  1. CONFIDENCE could be you’re discount! Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. Many practices will offer discounts for paying the treatment in full ahead of time, give a discount for multifamily treatment or professional discounts. ASK! You’ll be surprised!
  1. CHECK IT : Dental Insurance.  If you have dental insurance, check your policy and see if orthodontic treatment is covered, partially or at all. In some cases, the insurer may pay up to half the cost. Many Orthodontic practices will be in network for your Insurance Plan and generally a portion of the treatment will be covered.  Generally there is a lifetime maximum.
  1. GOOD THINGS : Charitable Programs and Grants. Check into charitable programs that offer free braces or grants for Children of Lower Income families. Examples of these programs are the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation and the Smiles Change Lives program. Check out the American Association of Orthodontists Donated Orthodontic Services program, which provides orthodontic care to underserved children who don’t have insurance coverage or can’t qualify for other assistance.  The  AAO  (American Association of Orthodontists) also lists other subsidized programs that may include orthodontic care and provides a link to programs by state.
  1. FSA and HSA’s :  Did you know that Orthodontia expenses are tax deductible?  FSA- Flexible Spending Accounts and HSA’s -Health Saving Accounts,  use pretax dollars for eligible costs.
  1. $AVE on Unnecessary Treatment. Check on procedures that may be unnecessary during treatment. Sometimes the cost of repeating  x-rays  or other repeated diagnostic tools add up to unnecessary costs that can potentially be saved.
  1. NON PROFIT Organization Auctions : Many Orthodontists donate their Orthodontic Treatment valued at a specific amount to organization fund raising events such as silent and live auctions. Recently one of our patients had the opportunity to have the opening bid of $500 and no one bid against her. The donation value was up to $3000 for Orthodontic treatment!
  1. Ask for donations : Really, ask family members such as grandparents, aunts and uncles to come together in small donations that will help lessen the burden of the entire cost. Every little bit helps.

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