Fun Creative Ways for Your Child to Make Money This Summer

Published on Jun 29, 2019


Two Words these days are in everyone’s vocabulary! TECH SUPPORT. Kids and Teens are learning computer and techy skills at a very young age. They can be more competent than many adults when it comes to technology, especially for your smart devices. Let’s put that to some greater financial good!

Your child’s got skills! Help your child know what they are by suggesting fun ways to also earn and learn about money, using their gifts, talents and things they already love to do – nature, swimming, sports, technology, music, pets, and more.

Fun Creative Ways for Your Child to Make Money This Summer
  • TECHNO: Setting up new or update apps on a cell phone, computer or email for a senior.
  • THE WEB: Setting up a new website for someone. (Always reviewed by an adult)
  • SMILE! Everyone loves seeing family photos, especially from summer trips or holiday outings. Creating photo albums books or themed books such as vacation books through a source like Shutterfly is great fun. Charge a fee for creating the book and another for retouching and enhancing the photos. Or they can simply download groups of pictures from smart devices and upload them to a cloud or photo shop to print. Print management!
  • DATA INPUT, TRANFER or SYNCING DEVICES: “Can you make my contacts appear?” Help is on the way. This could be for a friends in home business who just needs contacts  or emails in a database or even doing data entry for a small business.
  • CAR WASH: A great way to make summer money is just a bunch of childhood friends, a hose and some car detergent. Charge more for detailing/cleaning the inside.
  • SWIMMING/PARK: Help someone learn to paddle swim at the local pool, or just go with a mom or dad that would need an extra eye at the park for play.
  • GO GREEN: Do yard work and mow lawns. A great way to stay outside and make money. Many people need these services and are willing to hire a teen instead of a landscape company who will charge much more for their services. Plus, great exercise.
  • WIN/WIN – HOME BOUND SENIORS: Visiting seniors daily for conversation and companionship is a win/win situation. You may NOT want to pay them with money for setting time visitation, but then offer certain incentives for doing such an incredible thing for other people –  such as a day trip or something they’ve always wanted to do. Once they make real relationships with an elderly cool person or home bound wonderful person, an entire new world opens up – building unselfishness, care skills, communication and conquering the fear of talking with someone you may not have anything in common with. This is one of our favorites and the payoff most likely will add to their character. If possible, attend a nursing or rehab home with your child if you have the time so they see you as a parent taking time to do this as well. We know of a few parents who give their kids passes to swim parks for taking wheel-chair bound seniors for walks via clearance from a rehabilitation facility.
  • CHORES. CHORES. Chores should be a normal part of life without pay of course. But, what about deep cleaning services that go above what they normally do or extra things they could take on just for the season? These could be doing the laundry, emptying or loading the dishwasher or making lunch or breakfast during the summer, and creating the menus.
  • BIRD FEEDERS and FOUNTAINS: One of the most unique things we’ve seen in a boy in one of our neighborhoods who runs a bird feeder feeing service. He charges a fee per month to make sure a person’s feeders are filled. He also has a fee for feed he already has (his parents helped him create a fee for different levels of services) or just making sure the home has bird feed in a tight secured bucket outside, no entry to the house is needed. Then a time and hour is set for feeder refills so the home owners know when to expect. This child started pulling his feed on a bike tow until his parents saw his passion for expanding the business and now, since he is older, he takes the family golf cart in the community after showing his discipline and earnings. The parents ask for a small fee to use the cart so he is learning business skills as well.
  • IF LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS Open a Lemonade Stand. People still love this and will stop to support your endeavors. Be sure to check with your local municipality for any guidelines.
  • DOG WALKER, CAT SCOOPER: As long as the dog is of appropriate size for the child walking it. Or perhaps a senior would need help doing the deep clean for cat litter every week or delivering the cat litter.  Dog washing services are also great but making sure the dog is used to having a wash and with a stranger.
  • TRAVEL PLANS: Pick up mail and water outside plants for vacationers. No need to enter the home.
  • EAT YOUR VEGGIES or SELL THEM: Run a farmers market if you have a garden or access to fruits or vegetables. Add homemade baked goods for sale at your stand.
  • CLEAN GARAGES, PORCHES or HOUSES: Many people are eager to have this service but cannot afford the professionals. See what your local businesses charge and charge a reduced fee.  Be sure you are doing quality work.
  • HELP WITH ORGANIZATION: If a friend or neighbor is in need of someone to help them organize a closet, clothes, or help pack for college, see if they’d be willing to swap services for a fee! Kitchens! Closets of your own perhaps!
  • OH BABY! And of course, babysitting.

There are many ways to earn extra cash if you are creative. You can even sell items  on sites like eBay, Posh Mark, Etsy or others.

Always have adult supervision and permission with your child before any job agreement. Clearly spell out with your child what the job will be, the time it should take, and expectations so there’s no surprises. As with any job, it will take time and effort, but the payoff is both personal and financial for a child. On the flip-side, make certain that the person or persons receiving the work know the fee for services agreement before-hand as in any formal agreement. In fact, just writing down something on paper and having your child sign it will be fun and educational, where both parties sign!

If you have an idea you’d like to post or a success story on our Facebook page, – please share! We’ll messenger you with a surprise of thanks – fast and easy flossing!

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