How To Find a Dentist for Your Child That Feels Like Family

Published on Jan 10, 2019


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! When your child hits one, they should be on their way to their first pediatric dental visit, AND, it should be a great experience. The ‘SHOULD’ part is really up to doing a bit of research on finding the dental professional team that will accommodate your child’s overall needs, not just teeth needs.  Every child is different and so are pediatric dental practices.

So, how do you find the right fit? While our society today doesn’t engage in arranged marriages, this is the time to ask your friends, colleagues or acquaintances  if they have a dentist in the area they prefer and why they like them. Creating a dental relationship that lasts will serve both your child’s overall health because you’ll be building relationship and history, keeping them as comfortable as possible knowing the dental team knows your child personally AND personality as they grow year to year.

How To Find a Dentist for Your Child That Feels Like Family

Everything Good Takes Time: Take some time to call the practice directly. Since you know your child best, and if your child is challenged with anxiety in new surroundings or perhaps a disability, let the office manager know and inquire if they have a specialty or ‘used’ to dealing with an issue of your concern. Of course, any dentist you choose should have the proper training and license, as their degree(s) should be found on their website or by request, or as they say, ‘google it’. (It’s easy to assume!) Here’s a great overall list of a good vs. not so good dentist search:

Bottom line, set you and your child up for success by knowing as much as you can prior to your visit and accommodating your expectations. Expectations are the number one killer of great experiences.

MEET THE DENTIST! The one thing most parents rarely do is MEET THE DENTIST prior to any work. Yes, a consultation! Yes, more time, but remember you are searching for a life-long dental relationship that will provide years of trusted supportive dental health to your family. Just a thought – we have parent-teacher conferences all the time, but consultations are rare due to the fact that we are so very busy as parents and dentists! Never feel shy about requesting some time to meet and see how your child reacts to the professional and the team’s welcome. No matter what, your child may be nervous but great pediatric dental teams know how to turn on a kid’s grin. Remember, you are most likely to stick with the dentist for the remainder of your child’s youth, almost two decades, and dentistry health is key to adult health.

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