Sport a Mouth Guard! 5 Million Teeth Missing?

Published on Jul 26, 2019


Trauma to the mouth can cause lacerations, knocked out or displaced teeth or fractures to teeth and even bone. While in braces, the bands or brackets can cause additional trauma from cutting into the mouth, lip or gums.

If you or your child plays sports, a custom made mouth guard provided by your dentist is best. Custom guards give the best protection because of the molded custom fit.

Believe it or not, 5 million teeth are knocked out annually during sporting activities. During the course of a lifetime, the cost to replace one tooth including appointments, maintenance, surgeries can be as high as $20K. As an athlete or involved in intramural sports, you have a 35-56% chance of receiving an injury to your mouth during your career.

Sport a Mouth Guard! 5 Million Teeth Missing?

Custom fit mouth guards are made to fit over your braces comfortably because they are fabricated to match the exact anatomy and structure of your mouth and allow room for the brackets to be unchanged upon impact and preventing lacerations in the mouth.  The custom made mouth guard should stay in proper position without the need to bite down to keep it in place and will outlast boil and bite guards by 5-1.

Braces are a financial investment for you and your family, and also the time you spend taking care of them and with ortho appointments.  Protect your investment by wearing a custom made Orthodontic Mouth guard if you are playing any kind of contact sport. Nobody yet, in decades of our practice, has every regretted getting a mouth guard as thousands of teeth have been saved. Sometimes it’s the ‘little things’ that make the biggest difference. Now, GO PLAY!

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