Top Ten Things to Say to Your Child When They Don’t Want Braces

Published on Sep 10, 2019


Not all kids/teens are going to accept the fact they need braces. Some will be excited and want them because their friends wear them. Great, but most times, it’s not that easy to walk into #BracesLife with excitement. There are a few things you can say to your kid to encourage acceptance of Orthodontic treatment, we’ve got a top ten list and stats.

Before the list, take moment to ask your teen or younger child what it is that’s really bothering them about the whole idea. You may be surprised to know that many may think it’s a financial burden to the parent and feel guilty. That subject should be approached based on the financial circumstances of the family with an opportunity to also learn about money skills and budgeting and selfless sacrifices.

Top Ten Things  to Say to Your Child When They Don’t Want Braces

Here’s some quick positive facts to share with your child about getting braces. Forward this to their device 😊 with “I Love You With or Without Braces but look at how lucky you are…WITH, Love Mom/Dad”.

Our Top Ten List:

  1. Happier post Braces Life with a beautiful, healthy smile.
  2. Confidence Increase with aligned healthy teeth. Plus, today, flossing is Fast & EASY!
  3. Fresh Breath! Easier to clean when they are straight. Clean smile,  less bad breath.
  4. FUN: Have fun decorating your mouth with cool colored bands, color coordinate holidays and outfits.
  5. What’s Up! Join the braces life…great conversation starter with others.
  6. Smarts: Statistics say that those with straighter teeth are perceived to be 58% smarter!
  7. Blessed: Ortho treatment is a privilege. Not all can afford, be thankful and don’t take it for granted.
  8. Success: Studies show that those with straight teeth are more successful in life.
  9. Love Life (Later!) & Good Life! Hey, it’s been studied. People who take care of their teeth, take care of other things in life as a whole and make great partners as adults, or moms and dads – healthy families make healthy communities.

And the #1 reason is:  

  1. MONEY: Do it now, while your parents are paying for it… saves you money in the future!

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