What You Did and What You Said

Published on Dec 30, 2019


Anything that’s easy usually makes little difference in the world. While this year brought us incredible challenges, it also introduced us to the best people we’ve met, Harp Flosser People.

You. Thank You for not only Your purchases but also encouragement to help kids stay healthy. You inspired us even when Facebook banned us from showing how the Harp Flosser worked by one of our great patients, Caroline, using the flosser! (Ad policy: flossing is too personal and may offend people).

You cheered for us when we finally found a way to make an ortho flosser into The Ultimate Tool for Braces, not using floss but braided nylon for a durable re-usability over single tossed out flossers: 1 Harp Flosser lasts a week over 14 single use flossers.

What You Did and What You Said

You welcomed The Harp into Your Dental Practice! Hearing from hygienists of how much time they save chair side makes us smile. Time is everything! We are stoked-happy about how Your pediatric patients simply floss with this “weird flosser” and are coming back with great checkups.

You even suggested new packages and services that we incorporated.
You thanked us for great customer service with our Floss Happy or You Floss Free Policy.
You even gave us ideas of how to dig deeper into new materials and concepts for future products. WOW. Working!

We thank You for how You’ve helped us be a better organization. Your care for others, and even taking time to send Your reviews to us. May You have a Holiday that is better than expected as this time of year can increase both feelings of gratitude and grief as we know some of You have lost loved ones. We never thought so many of You would share Your journey with us, Your family photos and success stories too. As we prepare for time with family, our team suggested we try our best to convey our gratitude for Your incredible support and we just can’t keep this email going so we shall for now simply say, Thank You. And for reading all the way to here! lol

On we floss. Fast and Easy through it all.
Team Harp Flosser and Dr. Caldwell

Have a Question for Dr. Larry Caldwell, Inventor of The Harp Flosser and Fast & Easy Flossing? Reach out anytime: 800-495-2783 or info@harpflosser.com

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