01. July 2021

True Stories of Things That Got Stuck in My Braces

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Today, we go deeper as there was a question, ‘How do I get carpet out of my braces?” Here’s some funny sticky stories of things that have gotten stuck in braces. Warning, if you are not a cat or dog lover, one may gross you out but it stems from love! Hey, we always promise to bring you Real Braces Life Stories to Support you because we are serious about your flossing success.

04. February 2021

Fun Ways to Help Special Needs Kids Brush & Floss: Book, Songs and Harp Flosser Show

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Don’t Give Up: If your child has sensory issues, it’s you that helps them brush. Add flossing, the secret behind healthy gums and overall mouth health, can be overwhelming with or without braces, especially trying to get into the gumline and reach those molars where bacteria easily grows from stuck food.

08. June 2020

4 Post Pandemic Brownie Recipes to Celebrate Summer and Health

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We even had, what turned into a big debate on which brownie cut is best for taste, center or edge. The tally was 50/50. We also gave away months of Harp Flosser packs for folks who gave us some of their best recipes. Since there were requests for the best brownie recipe, why not share them to match every taste-bud-view we collected and blog them here. Done. Get your spatulas ready.

26. March 2020

COVID-19 Dental Emergencies – How to Get Help

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A dental emergency is a situation that involves any tooth or mouth pain, swelling, bleeding, a loose tooth, or injury occurrence. In many practices this includes patients of record as well as any NEW patient! Don’t think if you’re not a current patient you will not be served. Most Dental Practice goals will be to minimize patients being taken to urgent care facilities for dental emergencies at this critical time. In most cases, dental emergencies cannot be treated by an urgent care provider anyway, only to place the patient on antibiotics or sutures if necessary or providing immediate temporary comfort.

30. December 2019

What You Did and What You Said

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You. Thank you for not only your purchases but also encouragement to help kids stay healthy. You inspired us even when Facebook banned us from showing how the Harp Flosser worked by one of our great patients, Caroline, using the flosser! (Ad policy: flossing is too personal and may offend people).

16. December 2019

How to Help Special Needs Kids Win at Oral Hygiene

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Kids with special needs can present some overwhelming challenges when it comes to taking great care of their teeth and overall oral hygiene. Communication, behavioral and sensory issues all come into play.

02. October 2019

Got a Mouth Ulcer? Don’t Worry, Be Healing!

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Ouch! Lots of people get mouth Ulcers. The word, ‘ulcer’ seems big & scary, but there’s help for what so many people will say, “I’ve got this this little irritating sore, right on the side of my cheek”. Mouth ulcers happen to more people than most think. In fact, recurrent mouth ulcers occur in approximately 20 - 40% of the U.S. population.

26. September 2019

10 Ways to Motivate Kids to Do Chores

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Kids by nature want to please, giving praise for jobs well done doesn’t end with young children, it continues through adulthood. We all have the need to know we have done well as we continuing building self-confidence throughout our lives. Motivating teens to complete tasks can be tricky but standing calming with your consequences at all times will support respect and responsibility and equip them for success outside of your household.

10. September 2019

Top Ten Things to Say to Your Child When They Don’t Want Braces

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Not all kids/teens are going to accept the fact they need braces. Some will be excited and want them because their friends wear them. Great, but most times, it’s not that easy to walk into #BracesLife with excitement. There are a few things you can say to your kid to encourage acceptance of Orthodontic treatment, we’ve got a top ten list and stats.

26. July 2019

Sport a Mouth Guard! 5 Million Teeth Missing?

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Believe it or not, 5 million teeth are knocked out annually during sporting activities. During the course of a lifetime, the cost to replace one tooth including appointments, maintenance, surgeries can be as high as $20K. As an athlete or involved in intramural sports, you have a 35-56% chance of receiving an injury to your mouth during your career.

29. June 2019

Fun Creative Ways for Your Child to Make Money This Summer

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Your child’s got skills! Help your child know what they are by suggesting fun ways to also earn and learn about money, using their gifts, talents and things they already love to do - nature, swimming, sports, technology, music, pets, and more.

20. May 2019

Creative Ways to Pay for Braces

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Once you do get braces for yourself or your child, at least we know that today, there’s the Ultimate Tool for Braces that makes flossing so fast and easy, that it’s even fun. The Harp Flosser is designed with braided nylon, the only ortho flosser available that is so gentle yet durable, you don’t toss it after just one use! It lasts up to a week! Save money, time, and enjoy healthy checkups because hey, you’ve made quite a BIG INVESTMENT! Protect it.

07. May 2019

Don’t Have a Heart Attack About It – Do It!

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THEN IT HAPPENED. Heart Attack. I think back to the exact day I had a heart attack and talking about the details is quite boring to me now. I say this because what happened because of the attack is one of the most exciting parts of my life yet! Time stopped. Time focused me. Time attacked me! You could say, Time flossed away all the things that were getting in the way of me finishing my idea and do things I felt were bigger than just ‘me’ - things I wanted to accomplish and contribute to in life, using my skills and profession.

08. April 2019

White Spots After Braces – Why?

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White spots that remain on the teeth after removing braces are a result of food and drink debris high in sugar and acid left on the teeth, especially at night. Many foods, like crackers that are high in carbohydrates are really ‘sugars’ to your teeth. When you add sugar to the bacteria already in your mouth (all of us have bacteria in our mouths, good and bad bacteria) it forms an acid. This acid, if not balanced, begins the process of breaking down the enamel on your teeth and can leave those white spots that nobody likes.

20. March 2019

Being Banned & The Benefits of The Harp Flosser

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WE GOT BANNED, TOO PERSONAL! Something happened in the last months that made our team a bit frustrated but even more focused – our game changing flossing videos showing exactly how the HARP Flosser works, flossing braces on a set of plastic teeth (typodont), was banned on one of the largest social media platforms. Meaning, we could not show anybody actually using the flosser, or how amazing it works showing the flosser, floss, on a typodont.

19. February 2019

Successful Dental Appointments for Your Child with Autism

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Your child’s comfort and safety, as well as you and the staff are the most important issues to consider. A TEAM approach is the most effective in coming up with a plan to treat your child with ASD.

14. February 2019

What’s For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Braces?

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Need ideas for meals with braces? Here’s just a few to get you started. After getting braces, discomfort usually goes away after the first week. But, what you eat can really make a difference in the adjustment time and for the entire time you have braces. Certain foods can help with discomfort because heat and cold help loosen up the ligaments.

04. February 2019

6 Tips To Ready Your Child Confident with New Braces

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When your child gets braces, there’s an adjustment on all levels from family finances, additional Ortho appointments and making sure your child understands why getting braces is worth “all this”. Let’s face it, getting braces isn’t comfortable for any one, but we know, good things come from being uncomfortable for a time, until the great payoff.

18. January 2019

Cover Your Mouth! Braces With Style

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CHOICES: Just like choosing what shoes to wear with your outfit, your braces will soon become part of your personal “style” and daily appearance. Who knew you could have so many choices when it comes to those little rubber bands that tie the wire of your braces to the bracket. But yes, you do have choice so have fun creating that “fun” smile to match your style! What works best?

10. January 2019

How To Find a Dentist for Your Child That Feels Like Family

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While our society today doesn’t engage in arranged marriages, this is the time to ask your friends, colleagues or acquaintances if they have a dentist in the area they prefer and why they like them. Creating a dental relationship that lasts will serve both your child’s overall health because you’ll be building relationship and history, keeping them as comfortable as possible knowing the dental team knows your child personally AND personality as they grow year to year.

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